I. Interactive input
All the information required in this model is supplied through different questions asked by PARALLEL:

Product   Total number and names
Lines   Total number
Time periods   Total number
Product cost $/lb Cost per product
Production rates Klb/day Production of each prodcut
Total demand Klb/ year  
Demand rates % Percentage of total demand per product
Profit boost for available capacity $/Klb  
Dead inventory cost $/Klb-hr  
Inventory holding cost $/Klb-hr  
Safety inventory   In terms of cycle length
Transition times hours For all products
Bounds for cycle time    
Initial or fixed product assignments   For each product i at line l in period t
Assignment of time slots   One product to one time slot or to more than one time slot
Forbbiden assignments of products to lines   Product and line
Specific product sequence hr Product that go together
Tolerance for convergence    
Maximum gap between bounds*    
Maximum number of major iterations*    
*for Benders Decomposition only