A comprehensive website on MINLP and GDP can be found in the "CMU-IBM MINLP Collaborative Cybersite". This collaborative site has as a major goal to promote the optimization of linear and nonlinear models with one or several alternative model formulations involving discrete and continuous variables. Three major objectives are:

  • Create a library of optimization problems that can be generally formulated as MINLP/GDP models.
  • Provide high level descriptions of the problems with one or several model formulations with corresponding input files for one or several instances.
  • Allow users to pose open problems that are unsolved and with unknown or tentative formulations

MINLP problems can be solved with the outer-approximation method "DICOPT" in GAMS. Disjunctive programming problems can be solved with the "LOGMIP". Other MINLP solvers can be found in in the "CMU-IBM MINLP Collaborative Cybersite".

A collection of convex MINLP problems can also be found in the "Open source MINLP Project" as well as a link to the bonmin solver.

The web-based software for Mixed Integer Programming Application in Process Systems Engineering contains implementations through interfaces with GAMS of many process synthesis, supply chain, planning and scheduling MILP, MINLP and GDP models.