B. Bolio, A. Türkay, R. Iyer, M. Daichendt, T. Yee and I. E. Grossmann


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Minimum utilization cost calculation
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SYNHEAT is a program for optimizing heat exchanger networks. The capabilities of the program are the introduction of :

Minimum Utility Cost Calculation Model (MUCC) - with this subroutine SYNHEAT incorporates information from the minimum utility cost calculation model into the MINLPmodel through constraints transfered directly using the interface. MUCC is based on thetranshipment model expression.

Multiple Utilities Model - this new model allows the possibility of considering more than one hot and one cold utilities the superstructure. It is possible to include more than oneintermediate hot and cold utilities.

Reduction Scheme Model -based on the ideas on preliminary screening by Mark Daichendt.It automatically selects the number of stages in the superstructure and eliminates potentialmatches that are not needed; to reduce the size of the MINLP.

This interface is written in language C and it is implemented on Windows NT, IBM RS6000, and SUN (SunOS and Solaris) workstations. The way this interface works is through the use of different menus; it is flexible and easy to use. Given the data of the problem, SYNHEAT creates a new GAMS file containing the model equations and optimizes the problem using the subroutines ofDICOPT++ and plots the Optimal Network Configuration and T-Q Curve .

DICOPT++ (DIscrete and Continuos OPTimizer) was developed by J. Viswanathan and IgnacioE. Grossmann at the Engineering Research Center (EDRC) of the Carnegie Mellon University. It isbased on the extensions of the outer- approximation algorithm for the equality relaxation strategy.

SYNHEAT has been developed by Beatriz Bolio and Arzu T&uumlrkay under the supervision of Ignacio E. Grossmann .

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