ESI Seminar Slides
The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040 (PDF)
Biorefinery 101: Maximizing Benefits and Minimizing Risks with Implementing the Forest Biorefinery (PDF)
Paul Stuart
The Outlook for Advanced Carbon Capture Technology (PDF) (MP3)
Edward Rubin
Fossil Energy and Carbon Capture: A Systems Perspective (PDF) (MP3)
David C. Miller
Chemical Engineering in a Solar Energy Driven Sustainable Future (WMV)
Rakesh Agrawal
The Value of Predictive Control in the Future Electric Power System (PDF) (MP3)
Gabriela Hug
Natural Gas as a Chemical Industry Fuel and Feedstock: Past, Present, Future (and Far Future) (PDF)
Jeffrey Siirola
At the Interface between the Chemical and Power Industries (PDF) (MP3)
Victor Zavala
Synthesis and optimization of biofuel production processes (PDF) (MP3)
Mariano Martin
Considering the Direct and Indirect Environmental Effects in a Multiobjective Synthesis of Bioenergy Systems (PDF) (MP3)
Zdravko Kravanja
Transportation Fuels Life-Cycle Analysis Using the GREET Model (PDF) (MP3)
Ignasi Palou Rivera
Multiobjective Optimization of Energy-Environmental Systems (PDF)
Fengqi You
Thermodynamics and Innovative Design for Energy Efficiency and Carbon Captures (PDF)
Truls Gundersen
Overview of Energy Life Cycle Analysis at NETL (PDF) (MP3)
Joe Marriott, Timothy J. Skone
Seeking Synergy Between Technological and Ecological Systems for Sustainable Engineering (PDF)
Bhavik R. Bakshi
Future Polygeneration Systems (PDF) (MP3)
Thomas Adams, II
GREENSCOPE: A Tool for Process Sustainability Assessment and Design (PDF) (MP3) (MP4)
Gerardo J. Ruiz-Mercado
Algae Under Pressure and in Hot Water– Hydrothermal Pathways to Renewable Fuels (PDF)
Phillip E. Savage
The Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040 (PDF)
Unconventional Gas Production in the US (PDF) (MP3)
Paul Dudenas
Challenges for the Chemical Industry (PDF) (MP3)
John G. Pendergast
Process system engineering and the energy transition (PDF) (MP3)
François Maréchal
Open-source energy and chemical system models using ASCEND (PDF) (MP3)
Ben Allan
Matching gasification, conditioning and synthesis for the design of thermochemical biorefineries (PDF) (MP3)
Pedro Haro