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EWO Seminar Slides

Stochastic Programming in Enterprise-Wide Optimization
Andrew Schaefer

Overview of Optimization Models for Planning and Scheduling
Ignacio Grossmann

Dynamic Optimization for Enterprise Wide Optimization
Larry Biegler

Constraint Programming and Mathematical Programming Tutorial
John Hooker

Optimization on the Computational Grid
Jeff Linderoth

Planning and Scheduling to Minimize Makespan & Tardiness
John Hooker

Markov Decision Processes
Andrew Schaefer

Computational Integer Programming
Jeff Linderoth

Overview of Mixed-integer Nonlinear Programming
Ignacio Grossmann

Dynamic Real-Time Optimization: Linking Off-line Palnning with On-line Optimization
Larry Biegler

Models for Mitigating Supply Chain Disruptions
Larry Snyder

Global Optimization with Branch-and-Reduce
Nick Sahinidis

Agent-based systems for supply chain management
Gonzalo Guillen

A Tour of Modeling Techniques
John Hooker

The Supply Chain as a Dynamical System
Erik Ydstie

Optimal Commodity Trading with a Capacitated Storage Asset
Nicola Secomandi

Tutorial on Lagrangean Decomposition: Theory and Applications (PDF) (MP3)
Ignacio Grossmann

Scheduling and the Resource Task Network (PDF) (MP3)
Pedro Castro

An Overview of Sampling Methods in Stochastic Programming (PDF) (MP3)
Andrew Schaefer

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization: An Overview (PDF) (MP3)
Larry Snyder

Overview of Generalized Disjunctive Programming (PDF) (MP3)
Ignacio Grossmann

Polyhedral Approach to Integer Linear Programming (PDF) (MP3)
Gerard Cornuejols

Models and Algorithms for Stochastic Programming
Jeffrey Linderoth

Survey of NLP Algorithms (PDF) (MP3)
Larry Biegler

An Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach to Benchmark Practice-based Heuristics for Natural Gas Storage Valuation
Nicola Secomandi

Mathematical Programming Approaches to Enterprise-wide Optimization of Process Industries
Ignacio Grossmann

Integration of Supply Chain Design and Operation with Stochastic Inventory Management (PDF) (MP3)
Fengqi You

Constraint-based solution methods for vehicle routing problems (PDF) (MP3)
Willem-Jan van Hoeve

Agent Based Models for Enterprise Wide Optimization and Decision Support (PDF) (MP3)
Raj Srinivasan

Derivative Free Optimization: Algorithms, software and applications (PDF) (MP3)
Nick Sahinidis

Symmetry and Optimization (PDF) (MP3)
Francois Margot

Facility Location Models: An Overview (PDF) (MP3)
Larry Snyder

Forcasting: An Overview (PDF) (MP3)
Luis Vargas

IBM ILOG CPLEX What is inside of the box? (PDF) (MP3)
Ricardo Lima

Vehicle Routing and Scheduling ina Supply Chain Network (PDF) (MP3)
Jaime Cerda and Carlos Mendez

Modeling and Optimization Tools for Solving Production Planning and Scheduling Problems (PDF)
Alkis Vazacopoulos

Game Theoretic Approach for Supply Chain Optimization under Demand Uncertainty (PDF)
Tatsushi Nishi

Control and System Design for Energy Market Responsiveness (PDF)
Donald J. Chmielewski

Robust Optimization for Risk Control in Enterprise-wide Optimization (PDF) (MP3)
Juan Pablo Vielma

Integration of Scheduling and Control Operations (PDF) (MP3)
Antonio Flores

Factory operations modelling/scheduling/implementation: an Industrial case study (PDF) (MP3)
Peter Bongers

Strengths and Drawbacks of MILP, CP and Discrete-Event Simulation based Approaches on Large-Scale Scheduling Problems (PDF) (MP3)
Pedro Castro

Optimization Problems in Machine Learning (PDF) (MP3)
Katya Scheinberg

Modeling and solution issues in discrete event simulation. Applications to pipeline and wet-etching scheduling problems (PDF) (MP3)
Carlos Mendez

EWO in the Petroleum Industry-challenges and opportunities (PDF)
Lincoln Moro, Fábio Liporace, Euclides Neto

Improving Diagnosis In Complex Process Systems: Why It’s A Challenge (PDF)
Ian Cameron

Advances in Mathematical Programming Models for Enterprise-wide Optimization (PDF) (MP3)
Ignacio Grossmann

Recent Developments in Integrated Methods for Optimization (PDF) (MP3)
John Hooker

Modeling and Optimization for the Electric Grid (PDF) (MP3)
John Siirola

Constraint-Based Planning and Scheduling Models (PDF) (MP3)s
Stephen F. Smith

Smart Manufacturing as a Real-Time Networked Information Enterprise (PDF)
James Davis and Thomas Edgar

Column Generation Heuristics for Split Pickup and Delivery Vehicle Routing Problem for International Crude Oil Transportation (PDF)
Tatsushi Nishi

Approximate Dynamic Programming for the Merchant Operations of Commodity and Energy Conversion Assets (PDF) (MP3)
Selvaprabu (Selva) Nadarajah

"Using IMPRESS for Supply-Chain Scenario-Based Optimization" (PDF) (MP3)
Jeffrey Kelly and Alkis Vazacopoulos

An Illustrated Guide to Finding Solutions (PDF) (MP4)
Philipp Christophel

Business Analytics: The Past, Present and Future of Operations Research (PDF) (MP3)
Michael Trick

Enhancing decision making process in a cooperative and competitive environment (PDF) (MP4)
Miguel Zamarripa

Be Careful What You Wish For: Some thoughts on maximizing value from your simulations (PDF) (MP3)
Scott J. Bury

Chemical Production Scheduling: Notation, Problem Classes, Modeling Approaches, and Solution Methods (PDF) (MP4)
Christos Maravelias

Scope for industrial applications of production scheduling models and solution methods (PDF)
Iiro Harjunkoski

Optimization Under Uncertainty (PDF) (MP3)
Antonio J. Conejo

Location problems on networks with routing (PPT) (MP3)
Elena Fernández

Parallel Architectures and Algorithms for Large-Scale Nonlinear Programming (PDF) (MP3)
Carl Laird

Optimization of Maritime Transportation (PDF) (MP3)
Marielle Christiansen

The SCIP Optimization Suite (PDF) (MP3)
Gerald Gamrath

Introduction to Supply Chain Simulation (PDF) (MP3)
Ricki Ingalls

Recent Advances in Mathematical Programming Techniques for the Optimization of Process Systems under Uncertainty (PDF) (VIDEO)
Ignacio Grossmann

Decision Optimization: the Key Differentiator for Next-Generation Analytics (PDF) (MP3)
Susara Van den Heever, IBM

Surrogate models and the optimization of systems in the absence of algebraic models (PDF)
Nick Sahinidis

Integrating Scheduling and Control for Optimal Process Operations in Fast-Changing Markets (PDF) (MP3)
Michael Baldea

A Taste of Applied Machine Learning (PDF) (MP3)
Carolyn P. Rose

Fundamentals and Advances in Enterprise-wide Optimization for Industrial Demand Side Management (PDF) (MP3)
Qi Zhang

Representing Production using the UOPSS Framework (PDF) (MP3)
Danielle Zyngier

Recent Methodological and Computational Advances in Stochastic Power System Planning (PDF) (MP3)
Mario Pereira

Approaches for Tackling Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems (PDF) (MP3)
Michel Gendreau

Pyomoand JuMP–Modeling Environments for the 21st Century (PDF) (MP3)
Qi Chen and Braulio Brunaud

Expanding Scope and Computational Challenges in Process Scheduling (PDF) (MP3)
Pedro Castro, Ignacio Grossmann

Flexible Statistical Modeling Methods for Big Data (PDF) (MP3)
Simon Sheather

Modern Robust Optimization: Opportunities forEnterprise-Wide Optimization (PDF) (MP3)
Chrysanthos E. Gounaris

Maximizing Value of Oil and Gas developments through Reservoir to Surface Integrated Modeling and Optimization (PDF) (MP3)
Remy Marmier

Machine Learning and Optimization (PDF) (MP3)
Aida Khajavirad

Global Supply Chains Coordination with Optimal Integration of Third Parties (PDF) (MP3)
Kefah Hjaila and Antonio Espuna

Supply Chain Complexity – Why it matters and how to solve (PDF) (MP3)
Nikhil Arora

The Long and Winding Road to Optimization (PDF) (MP3)
Jack Levis

Tutorial: A Unified Framework for Optimization under Uncertainty (PDF) (MP3)
Warren Powell

Reinforcement Learning – Overview of Recent Progress and Implications for Process Control and Beyond (Integrated Multi-Scale Decision-making) (PDF) (MP3)
Jay H. Lee

Nonlinear Optimization Methods for Machine Learning (PDF) (MP3)
Jorge Nocedal

Quantum Computing and Non-Linear Integer Optimization (PDF) (MP3)
Sridhar Tayur

Data centric approach for supply chain optimization (PDF) (MP3)
Tatsushi Nishi

Getting the best out of forecasting software (PDF) (MP3)
Robert Fildes and Nikolaos Kourentzes

Challenges in Multilevel Supply Chain Optimization (PDF) (MP3)
Braulio Brunaud

Industrial AI for Autonomous Industries (PDF) (MP3)
Christopher Ganz

Sustainable supply chains in a circular economy (PDF) (MP3)
Adisa Azapagic

Data Analytics and Optimization in Steel Industry(PDF) (MP3)
Lixin Tang

Constraint Programming – An Alternative Approach to Heuristics in Scheduling (PDF) (MP4)
Eray Cakici

A tutorial on Markov Decision Process from the perspective of Stochastic Programming (PDF) (MP4)
Yixin Ye

Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering: Past, Present, and Future (PDF) (MP4)
Venkat Venkatsubramanian

How to Produce Wells Steadily and Sustainably: A Paradigm Shift in the Oil and Gas Industry (PDF) (MP4)
Diego Cafaro

Introduction to near-term approaches in Quantum Combinatorial Optimization (PDF) (MP4)
Davide Venturelli

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization under the Threat of Disruptions (PDF) (MP4)
Larry Snyder

Digital Technologies in Offshore and Subsea Oil & Gas Production (PDF) (MP4)
Argimiro Resende Secchi

Approximation Algorithms for Process Systems Engineering (PDF) (MP4)
Ruth Misener

AC Network-Constrained Unit Commitment (AC-NCUC) (PDF) (MP4)
Antonio Conejo

Optimizing Innovative Energy Systems of the Future (PDF)
David C. Miller, Ph.D.

Optimization based scheduling of electroplating processes (PDF) (MP4)
Guido Sand

Unlock Your Event Data! Remove Operational Friction Using Process Mining (PDF) (MP4)
Wil van der Aalst

Opportunities for modelling and optimisation in vaccine manufacturing and supply chains (PDF) (MP4)
Nilay Shah

Improving Supply Chain Resilience: Looking Back and Looking Forward (PDF) (MP4)
Christopher Tang

Modern Tools for Integrated Optimization, High Performance Computing, and Machine Learning (MP4)
Carl Laird

Joint Assortment Optimization and Customization under a Mixture of Multinomial Logit models: On the Value of Personalized Assortments (MP4)
Huseyin Topaloglu

Emerging Topics in Dow Supply Chain (PDF) (MP4)
Kyle Harshbarger

An effective hybrid decomposition approach to solve the network-constrained stochastic unit commitment problem in large-scale power systems (PDF) (MP4)
Ricardo Lima

Smart Industrial Mining Complexes - Mineral Value Chains, Present and Future: New Digital Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Self-Learning, Advances and Challenges (PDF) (MP4)
Roussos Dimitrakopoulos

Design of Integrated Biorefineries and Bioenergy Networks (PDF) (MP4)
Antonis Kokossis

Supply Chain Monitoring using Multivariate Statistical Analysis (PDF) (MP4)
Christopher Swartz

When Global Optimization Meets Machine Learning: Challenges and Opportunities (PDF) (MP4)
Yankai Cao

The CP-SAT-LP solver (PDF) (MP4)
Laurent Perron

Agricultural Supply Chain Networks: From Trade to Resilience (PDF) (MP4)
Anna Nagurney